Check out these recently published titles of interest on the topics of children, media, and health:

The Material Child: Growing up in Consumer Culture by David Buckingham

  • This book provides a comprehensive critical overview of debates about children’s changing engagement with the commercial market. It moves from broad overviews of the theory and history of children’s consumption to insightful case studies of key areas such as obesity, sexualization, children’s broadcasting and education. 

Ethnographies of the Videogame: Gender, Narrative and Praxis by Helen Thornham

  • This book uses the medium of the videogame to explore wider significant sociological issues around new media, interaction, identity, performance, memory and mediation. Addressing questions of how we interpret, mediate and use media texts, particularly in the face of claims about the power of new media to continuously shift the parameters of lived experience, gaming is employed as a 'tool' through which we can understand the gendered and socio-culturally constructed phenomenon of our everyday engagement with media. 

Digital Pioneers: Cultural Drivers of Future Media Culture by Sonja Kangas (ed.) Download for free!  

  • This book provides an overview of the online life and values of 15–25 year olds in countries that were pioneers of digital services at the end of 1990s and describe the change that has happened within the past 10 years.

Teaching Generation Text: Using Cell Phones to Enhance Learning by Lisa Nielsen & Willyn Webb 

  • This book shows how teachers can turn cell phones into an educational opportunity instead of an annoying distraction. With a host of innovative ideas, activities, lessons, and strategies, Nielsen and Webb offer a unique way to use students' preferred method of communication in the classroom.

International Perspectives on Youth Media by JoEllen Fisherkeller (ed.) 

  • This book documents and analyzes transnational research on youth media production and distribution projects both in and out of school. With comprehensive theoretical analyses, notes, and bibliographies, each chapter includes a case study, illuminating the variety and diversity of youth media projects around the world. This book also includes a chpater called "Studying Research Capabilities of Youth Media: Analyzing Children's Audiovisual Expressions about Health" by CMCH/VIA researchers Richard Chalfen and Michael Rich

Please let us know if you would like to see any books highlighted in the future!

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