What topics are researchers exploring about children, media and health? Check out the list below!

Bellieni, C.V. et al. (2010). Distracting effect of TV watching on children’s
reactivity. European Journal of Pediatrics, 169(9),

  • The authors studied different aspects of television to determine its level of distraction on a child’s ability to complete other tasks.

Chou, H.T. et al. (2012). “They are happier and having better lives than I am”: the
impact of using facebook on perceptions of others’ lives. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 15(2), 117-121.

  • Students who have used Facebook for quite some time perceived their facebook friends as happier.

Gosselt, J.F. et al. (2012). Effects of media ratings on children
and adolescents: a litmus test of the forbidden fruit effect. Journal of Communication,62(2), 1048-1101.

  • Media ratings had no positive or negative effect on childrens’ attitudes towards a media product.

Nakamura, H. et al. (2012).
Combined influence of media use on subjective health in elementary school
children in Japan: a population-based study. BMC Public Health, 12(432), 1-10.

  • Students who spend more time using media tend to have more health complaints.

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