852400462_a001da94baIf you’re reading this post in the morning, you may be yawning as you try to down some coffee and wake yourself up from the precious few hours of sleep you got last night.  So, you won’t be surprised to learn that sleep quality and quantity is declining for adults; but did you know it is also declining for children?  A recent study showed that kids in 2005 slept at least 2 hours less each night than kids in 1981. 

There are many plausible and interesting ideas for how media use may be related to this decline, including:

  • Since electronics are cheaper to purchase, many kids have media in their bedrooms, providing opportunities for displacing sleep with media
  • DVDs and DVRs make media available on-demand when people have free time, usually late at night
  • Media has become more exciting, more violent, and more sexualized, making it harder to fall asleep after watching

Though research on how media may affect sleep is scant, a new research brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation highlights what is known about media and sleep in different developmental stages, different forms of media, and different modes of viewing. 

>> See research on media and sleep from the CMCH Database of Research

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