What topics are researchers exploring about children, media and health? Check out the list below!

Donovan, E. et al. (2013). Assessing the feasibility
of a web-based self-management program for adolescents with migraines and their caregivers. Clinical Pediatrics, 52(7),

  • Researchers created a web-based prototype to help adolescents manage their migraines.

A. et al.
(2012). Associations between violent video gaming, empathic concern, and prosocial behavior toward strangers, friends, and family members. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 41(5),

  • This study attempts to measure whether playing violent video games can affect a young adult’s ability to engage in positive and empathetic relationships.

Haverila, M. (2011). Behavioral aspects of cell
phone usage among youth: an exploratory study. Young Consumers, 12(4), 310-325.

  • This study examined how different genders characterized their cell phone-related usage, behaviors, and preferences.

Israelashvili, M. et al. (2012). Adolescents’ over-use of the cyber world – Internet addiction
or identity exploration? Journal of
Adolescence, 35
(2), 417-424.

  • Can researchers determine how teens use the Internet for social and personal development?

Lou, L. et al. (2012). An Examination of the reciprocal relationship of loneliness and Facebook use among first-year college students. Journal of Educational Computing Research,
(1), 105-117.

  • Using Facebook decreased loneliness in university-aged students.

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