What questions are researchers asking about children, media and health lately? Take a look at some of these studies.

Andreassen, C.S., et al. (2012). Development of a Facebook addiction scale. Psychological Reports, 110(2), 501-517.

  • Can you measure addiction to social networking? Is the scale accurate?

Baumgartner, S.E., et al. (2012). Identifying teens at risk: Developmental pathways of online and offline sexual risk behavior. Pediatrics, 130(6), e1489-e1496.

  • Do adolescents engage in risky sexual acts online, offline, or both?

Kormas, G., et al. (2009). Internet use and misuse: A multivariate regression analysis of the predictive factors of internet use among Greek adolescents. European Journal of Pediatrics, 168(6), 655-665.

  • What are the predictors of high, moderate, and low Internet use in Greek teens?

Mentzoni, R.A., et al. (2011). The relationship between media use in the bedroom, sleep habits and symptoms of insomnia. Journal of Sleep Research, 20(4), 569-575.

  • Do symptoms or prevalence of insomnia in kids depend on the type of media being used before bed?

Ngoshi, H. & Pasi, J. (2007). Mediating HIV/AIDS strategies in children’s literature in Zimbabwe. Children's Literature in Education, 38(4), 243-251.

  • Would children learn more about HIV/AIDS from fictional sources?

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