Today we are going to explore the CMCH Database of Research’s Browse by CMCH Subject search tool. All of the citations in the DoR are cataloged using a specialized taxonomy (or keywords) developed by CMCH and you can use "Browse by CMCH Subject" search function to explore it.

Understanding the taxonomy

  • There are  four major subject terms: Health, Media Form, Media Purpose, and Contextual Factors. Under each of these subject terms there are narrower terms.
  • For example under Health there are five terms: Behavioral Outcomes, Cognitive Outcomes, Emotional Outcomes, Physical Outcomes, and Social Outcomes
  • Again, these broad categories can be narrowed down. 

Let’s break down Behavioral Outcomes:

  • There are many terms under Behavioral Outcomes like "Bullying," "Drinking," "Eating Behavior," "Risk Taking," etc. 
  • You will notice after every subject term there is a number that represents how many citations we currently have on that particular topic.
  •  For example right now we have 57 citations on "Bullying." You can then click on the subject term to see the actual citations. 
  • Please note you must use the "Back to Search Results" Button in order to go back. You cannot use your browser's back button. 

Here are some of the citations on Bullying:

Now try the Browse feature for yourself! If you have any questions about the CMCH Database of Research, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at

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