We love finding new ways to connect with you. If you'd like to know what else we're up to, check thsi out:

  • The CMCH Twitter account connects with other organizations and individuals and lets you know what we and others are up to. We love making new friends!
  • The CMCH staff are always up to talk with you on your blog, radio show, newspaper, or magazine. See where CMCH and its staff members are appearing in the press by visiting our homepage and looking at the bottom-righthand corner or by clicking here to see a feed of our most recent appearances in the press.
  • Are you on Facebook? "Like" CMCH here.
  • CMCH isn't just for researchers. If you're a parent or teacher, we have resources for you as well. Check out our mentors page, which includes guides and resources for adults who would like to support children and adolescents in healthy and positive media use. Remember also to check out Director Michael Rich's blog, Ask the Mediatrician, for advice and tips on working with children on their media literacy and usage.
  • Who are we, you ask? You can learn about the CMCH staff and their interests and expertise by checking out our staff page.
  • We'd love it if you signed up for our newsletter, Media Health Matters. By clicking on that link, you can also read the newsletter archives and be sure you haven't missed anything.
  • Of course, we're always updating our Database of Research to keep you informed about the latest studies on media, health, and children and adolescents.

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  1. Quaid

    This type of info is much needed. It seems thst kids are facing all kinds of problems nowadays. From Junk foods to not enough att,immediate action is necessary


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