Youth sexual health and behavior is a broad research topic that can span several disciplines, and this week’s articles are taken from journals in the area of youth studies, communication, psychiatry and AIDS research.

The impact of sexually objectifying media exposure on negative body emotions and sexual self-perceptions: Investigating the mediating role of body self-consciousness

  • Watching more media with content that sexually objectified others led colleges tudents to be more self-conscious with their body.

Playing with porn: Greek children’s explorations in pornography

  • Youth ages 8 to 19 may intentionally seek out pornography online, or encounter it accidentally.

“Sexting” among U.S. adolescents: Psychological and legal perspectives

  • Learn about more the 20% of teens aged 13-19 who have engaged in sending a nude or semi-nude photo of themselves with their cell phone.

Streaming weekly soap opera video episodes to smartphones in a randomized controlled trial to reduce HIV risk in young urban African American/black women

  • When given the opportunity to watch a mini soap opera series intended to educate about the risks of reducing HIV, young women watched along each week on their smart phones, rarely missing an episode.

Teens reflect on their sources of contraceptive information

  • Teens acquire knowledge from a variety of sources, including the Internet, suggesting that outreach methods should connect teens to trustworthy online sources of information.

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