Here is a list of recently published titles of interest on the topics of children, media, and health:

This book investigates how various identity groups are framed,
treated, affected, and shaped by a ubiquitous sports media, including
television, magazines, film, the Internet, and newspapers.

The author has attempted to address the impact of mediated violence, with particular emphasis on the influence of video and computer game violence and violence on the internet.

This book provides a comprehensive review and critique of the research and
theoretical literature related to media effects on infants, children,
and adolescents, with a unique emphasis on development.

This book explores the ways in which celebrities are
‘manufactured’, how they establish their hold on the public
imagination, and how social responses enable them to be what they are.

This booklet of data gives an overview of young people’s media use in Europe.

Please let us know about any new books you would like to see highlighted in the future!



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